Hello again everyone, this is Kevin Murphy from Water Heater Watchdog with another in my series of blogs exploring the concept of the Water Heater Watchdog and the many variants of the original idea and their evolution. 

As previously stated in my last blog, the first iteration of my idea looked something like a banjo. This design worked perfectly for hot water heaters because it checked off all the boxes. It had a water heater leak alert, a water heater sensor. It is a great option for hot water heater tank leaking alarm. These are the pros, the cons were it would not fit under hot water heaters that had a limited footprint. It was very important to me that my water heater leak sensor and pump not be limited to where it can be used. Some of the plumbers I spoke with felt it was handicapped due to this issue, but otherwise, it was still a good concept especially the integrated pump and no need for a floor gravity drain, the pump could move the water to a safe location and reduce the risk of damage to the area around the hot water heater. 

Hence, my second iteration of Water Heater Watchdog. In this configuration, I redesigned the banjo-looking apparatus and changed it so the product would fit within the footprint of any hot water heater. So if the hot water heater fits in the space, so would the Water heater Watchdog. The new design was made to be included on hot water heaters during the manufacturing process or could be bolted onto the bottom of a new unit. Once again all the boxes were checked off, it had a water heater leak alert, a hot water heater sensor, and hot water heater tank leaking alarm. Of course, the main feature was still the pump which eliminates the problem of the need for gravity discharge. This product had more pros and fewer cons than the original idea plus it has a manufacturing element for hot water heater manufacturers.  Although this product was very innovative, it did have one drawback, I would need to make a mold for every size diameter water heater that was on the market. This would not be a problem for large manufacturing companies, but for me to manufacture, it was cost-prohibitive without financial backing.

I am really proud of this design for Water Heater Watchdog. The control mechanism, reservoir, and discharge barb were all underneath the hot water heater and the components are in a convenient location that let me troubleshoot any problem that might occur with a trouble door, just like the ones found on hot water heaters. The water heater sensor still would activate the hot water heater tank leaking alarm and I could introduce a new notification system that I will talk about in the next blog.

In my next blog, I will continue to explore the latest design and features of Water Heater Watchdog.