Sends Alerts Through Mobile App


Quick Installation

Only Device that Alerts AND Pumps Water


Sounds Audible Alarm

Suited for Multi-unit Buildings

5 Year Limited Warranty


Using Kevlyn’s U.S. Patented Technology



Multi-Unit Housing

Anywhere with a water heater!

Get Real-Time Notification of Leaks

Now there’s an even smarter way to monitor for leaks 24/7 and have total control over your new or existing water heater when disaster strikes.

Water heater leaks can often occur while you’re away.  Your Kevlyn Pumps OPD350 has an audible alarm and will send you an alert when it detects fluid leaking from your water heater wherever you may be.

Kevlyn Pumps EARLY leak detection helps reduce the chance of property damage and the unhealthy spread of mold and mildew

Let the Kevlyn Pump safeguard your valuable property before it’s too late.